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Blower Bently

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'Fifth Generation Stealth'

The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

The Spitfire Mk VIII

Fit To Fight, Fit To Strike

Storm Gathering

No Limit

41 Squadron Jaguar flown by Wg Cdr R M J MacCormack in formation with Harrier GR.9 being flown by Wg Cdr  G.Waterfall.

Aviation Artists who have inspired me over the years are Nicholas Trudgian, Adrian Rigby, Barrie AF Clark, Gerald Coulson and William S Phillips.


The Mustangs and the Fortress were my interpretation of the combination of the William S Phillips paintings and two stories that inspired him. One of a B24 Liberator and one Spitfire " Welcome Home Yank", the second painting of a B17 Flying Fortress and two Spitfires " Alone No More".

Welcome Home Yank, a B24 has lost one engine and smoke streams from another. She's close to the White cliffs, but not out of trouble yet. Any second now the last of the power may fail. Without enough altitude for a safe bail-out, her crew will brace for ditching into the cold, choppy Channel. She's got one thing going for her- a Spitfire has come to meet her and weaves above them, so if her pilot chooses to ditch her, the Spit pilot will tell Air-Sea Rescue. What a Chaperone!

Alone No More, the B17 Sweet Rose O'Grady of 427th Squadron, 303rd Bomber Group. She's been hit hard on this mission, and she's headed home to Molesworth, England, with an engine dead, it's propeller feathered. Nose high to keep altitude, she struggles on alone. Her pilot nursing her back towards the Channel and toward the longed for sight of the chalk cliffs on the horizon and safety. But with only three engines, she has fallen far behind her Squadron. Her crew all know they're an easy target for the enemy. The pilot anxiously watches the gauges while trying to hide high above the cloud cover, the navigator compensates for course changes. Gunners force themselves to keep vigilant, scanning the sky with tired eyes, exhausted and dreading the sudden flash of an enemy fighter. Then on the intercom: " Ten o'clock level. Two bogies. Oh God! Here they come again!". Then dreaded shapes appear, sleek, camouflaged, closing fast. But they bank steeply showing their markings. Spitfires!

"Manx" Norton

 The Norton Manx legendary motorcycle.