________The Fine Art of Natalie Stutely________

The Horse

Observing horses at liberty is captivating as you begin to notice the language they use to communicate with each other. When the natural spirit of the horse is willingly surrendered to oblige the human command it is a testament to their generous trust & faith in us. This makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck! Through history and today the partnership between horses and humans is so close that it is hard to imagine our world without this union. Only 6% of our global equine population are used for pleasure and sport, the other 94% being an integral part of the working relationship with man.

High Jinks

Spanish Tranquility

Spanish Beauty

The Oldenburg

Black Velvet

Black Silk

The Andalusian Stallions


Lusitano Dressage Study I

Lusitano Dressage Study II

Lipizzaner Study I & II

Spanish Riding School IV

Spanish Riding School III

Spanish Riding School II

Spanish Riding School I

Camargue Ponies II

Camargue Ponies I

Spanish Horse II

Spanish Horse I


The immortal horse Areion was gifted by the Gods to Herakles and then owned by the hero, Adrastos.

Gods of The Four Winds

The four Gods of the four winds turned themselves into horses and pulled Zeus's chariot. Boreas the North wind, Euros the East wind, Notos the South wind and Zephyros the West wind. This painting is the first in a collection called "Immortal Horses"

Notos & Zephyros Prevailing

Boreas & Euros Descending

El Valiente

El Coraje, la Fe y el Honor

El Honorable

El Poder

La Gloria

Out of the Darkness

Sand Dance

The Arab horse trotting effortlessly over lonely sand dunes, an angelic presence enhanced by the glorious light of an Eastern sunset.

Mutual Adoration

Young Thoroughbreds


Dutch Warmblood

Dressage Study I

Dressagae Study II

Dressage Study III


I took my inspiration for this oil painting from Jacques Louis David and his five versions of Napoleon Crossing the Alps. I noticed the different horses, uniform, saddlery and symbolism in each one and discovered after the King of Spain commissioned the original painting, Napoleon recommissioned a further three versions, on a chestnut horse, an iron grey, and a piebald. The difference in the atmosphere in each painting is startling The fifth painting was JL David's own version he kept until he died.

Dark Storm

This is how I would imagine Edward Fairfax Rochester's horse to be, showy and brooding. The stormy sky is evocative of the intense drama and emotional charge that unfolds in the story of Jane Eyre. This whole image was inspired by two artists and their work. John Frederick Herring Sr, "Chestnut Arab in Stormy Landscape". Gustave Dore`, "Uther Discovers the Two Brothers". 

Into The Sun

Out Of The Sun

Arab Proverb "When God wanted to create the horse, he said to the South Wind: I want to make a creature out of you. condense - and the wind condensed"



Study Of Grey

Study Of Iron Grey

The Power

The Glory

Into The Light